Turn back the effects of time on your favorite photos; you won't believe your eyes!
Years of experience enable us to offer top quality restorations of your photographs. The digital restoration of old photos includes the repair of damage (cracks, rips, fading, stains, etc), combining images from multiple photographs into one, removing people or objects from photographs, substituting original backgrounds for studio type backgrounds, and colorizing of black and white photographs. A digital artwork charge (by quotation) is charged in addition to the print price. Email us or bring in your photos for a quote!
Head or Eye Switch
Have group photos that look great but someone has their eyes closed? We can fit it!
Photo Retouching & Enhancement
Not all photos are perfect. But we can make them close! At Digital Imaging Center we can retouch your pictures to remove blemishes, small imperfections, and red eye!
Digital Fountain Of Youth
With Digital retouching you can get a facelift, remove wrinkles and lose 20 pounds. We can shave years off your age!
Add/Remove People or Background
Do you have a great family photo but hate the background? Would you like to remove or add someone to the photo? Bring your photo and let us get it done.
Photoshop Price Chart
$25 starting
$75 starting
$100 and up
Price range can vary based on the complexity of the project.
Photo editing services are non-refundable.